Thermal Plastic Resin Fingerprinting System

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Associated Polymer Labs has a specialized service called thermal plastic resin fingerprinting system. This is a three step process that will ensure a positive identification of the new resin system for your product. This service "fingerprints" the resins properties, which takes the guesswork, saves time, resources and money for your company!

Changing the basic resin system is a problem manufacturers typically face. Changing resins always meant a lot of unnecessary work because the properties were never the same, equivalent, or even similar to the ones you have used before. Variations in the materials due to aging or processing changes can affect the quality of your bottom line product.

APL can prevent this from happening. Using our Thermal Plastic Resin Fingerprinting System for all batch samples against the base sample, can guarantee a perfect match every time. The steps include:
· Chemical
· Thermal
· Rheology

Identifying, or "fingerprinting" each new batch of resins you will be certain to process according to Standard Operating Procedure and the final product will be within specifications.

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Payment Terms are paid in full before test results are released. Contact Laura at 518-290-6804 or 518-792-3570 for credit card or PayPal payment. A check can be submitted with samples.