Analytical Services

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Antiblock and Antislip
Bisphenol A
Brookfield Viscosity
Composting, decomposition, biodegradation
Degradation and Oxidation
Dilute Solution Viscosity
Evolved Gas Analysis
Failure Analysis
Gas Chromatography – GC
Gel Permeation Chromatography - GPC
Headspace analysis
High Performance Liquid Chromatography - HPLC
Liquid Chromatography – LC
Mass spectroscopy - GCSM
Migration, Leachable, and Extractables
Multi Angle Light Scattering – MALS
Molecular Weight Distribution – MWD
Physical and Chemical Blowing Agent Analysis
Plastisols and Phthalates, DEHP analysis
Polymer and Plastic Additives
Raw Material Characterization
Shelf-life and Thermal Stability
Viscosity Number
VOC – volatile organic compounds