Rheology Services

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Liquid, Gel, Solid, and Melt Phase
Rheology Modifiers
Thermal Stability and Product Shelf Life
Melt Flow Index or Rate – MFI or MFR
Capillary Rheology
Predicting Polyolefin Foamabiliity
Polyolefin Branching Affects
Melt Strength and Melt Rheology
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis – DMA

Rheological Properties of Plastics and Polymers
Rheometric Scientific Solids Analyzer (RSA)
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)-Viscoelastic
Stress Rheometer (SR5)-Melt Strength Rheology
Capillary Rheometer, Volumetric Flow Rate
Torque Rheometer, blending and mixing
Extrusion Plastometer, Melt Flow Rate
Rheometry and Rheological Properties
Brookfield Viscometer
Intrinsic Viscosity and Viscosity Number
Dilute Solution Viscosity of Polymers