Brookfield Viscosity Testing Services

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Brookfield Viscometer- Viscosity studies are a direct assessment of processibility.

  • Example: High Viscosity liquid requires more power to pump than a low viscosity liquid

Companies depend on Quality of their products and to file Patent claims. These companies depend on Associated Polymer Labs, Inc. to continually assess their products and keep the quality the best!

  • ASTM Methodologies currently used:
  • ASTM D1824-Test method for apparent viscosity of plastisols and organosols at low shear rates by Brookfield Viscometer
  • ASTM D2393-Test methods for viscosity for epoxy resins and related components
  • ASTM D2196-Test methods for rheological properties on non-newtonian materials by rotational Brookfield Viscometer
  • ASTM D4889-Standard Test methods for polyurethane raw materials: determination of viscosity of crude or modified isocyanates.

Brookfield viscosity of water, solutions, coating materials, liquid/gel adhesives, cosmetics, lotions, and liquid detergents

The purpose of this specific testing is for product consistency and knowing quality is there.

Batch to batch consistency and quality control. Contact Associated Polymer Labs, Inc. and see what we can do to keep you on the track of product success!

Brookfield Viscosity Testing