Welcome To Associated Polymer Labs, Inc.

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Phone: 518-290-6804

Associated Polymer Labs, Inc. provides services that include:

  • Plastic Additive Analysis
  • Deformulation and Competitor Evaluation
  • Failure Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Material Composition, Identification, and Evaluation 
  • New Product Development
  • Quality Assurance Programs
  • Small scale laboratory and extrusion services
  • Patent infringement services.

Reports contain all data and a complete summary of the results in an easy to understand format and language.

APL is an established laboratory founded in February 1999. Corporate commitment is to help clients and associates find the right answers to specific manufacturing problems.

Over 25 years experience in polymer science and plastics engineering earning consistancy, reliability and quality of the services provided. Associated Polymer Labs maintain that good corporate citizenship is crucial to the protection of the integrity with all clients.


Office number:  518-792-3570 

Lab Phone number 518-290-6804

E-mail: info@testplastic.com or all@plasticslab.com

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