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Quality laboratory staff that care and take a personal interest in your project. Over 10 years in business, with 25 years experience in product testing. Easy to read results that provide clients with the information needed to make the appropriate decisions on their products and manufacturing processes.


Quotations sent out the same day as requested.  Outstanding, customized testing methods that meet your specific needs and testing requirements.  QC/QA programs that provide results in 48 hours.  

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info@testplastic.com or all@plasticslab.com


Our business model is based on integrity, accountability to our clients and their product success.


All information revealed to us is considered confidential information. APL will never reveal information, at any time, to third parties or any outside source.

Statement of Purpose

Associated Polymer Labs, Inc. is an established laboratory founded in February 1999. Our commitment is to help our clients  find the right answers to specific material and processing questions. We continue and persist to search for the root cause to solve the most difficult problems. We are confident that our experience in polymer science and plastics engineering earns respect and reliability of the services we provide. We maintain that good corporate citizenship is crucial to the protection of our integrity with our clients.